Our mission statement is "Work hard.  Enjoy Learning.  Achieve Highly."

The curriculum we offer is designed to allow students to become resilient and independent learners, this is achieved by delivering a balanced and varied curriculum for all year groups and allowing students, as they progress through their education, to personalise and select the appropriate qualifications for them to achieve highly in their chosen area of study.

This was recognised in our most recent Ofsted report from April 2015 “The curriculum has been skilfully developed to enable students to achieve the qualifications they need for further education, employment or training.

We continue to develop and adapt our curriculum to ensure it is still offering the best opportunities to our students each year.

Our curriculum is made up of 50 one-hour lessons spread over two weeks, as well as 20 minutes each day of Reflection Time where students reflect on the school values, their own progress and study Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE). This aspect of the curriculum is flexible to allow us to respond to relevant issues which change term by term, but follows the following thematic approach:

Theme Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
Relationships and Sex Transition, settling in Puberty Contraception (covered on ALD) Consent Influence of drugs and alcohol
Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Personal hygiene Mental health, diet Exercise, body image, diversity and difference Stress relief, self harm Exam stress, stress relief
Managing Risk Road safety Peer group pressure Smoking Drugs Alcohol
Esafety School IT safety Social media, sexting Social media and sexting Grooming Phubbing and the like
Our Future Our school community Options, personal finance The world of work, personal finance Work experience, bank accounts, saving and pensions CVs, colleges, employment, buying your first car/house
Looking Outwards British values British values British values British values British values

Further PSHCE topics are covered during our annual Advanced Learning Day (ALD).

Our curriculum delivers a broad range of subjects to all students in Key Stage 3 (KS3) during Years 7 and 8. In Year 8 students select their options for Key Stage 4 (KS4) and study at least 9 GCSE (or equivalent) subjects.

To find out more about the curriculum or a specific subject please contact Dr Clarke.

Curriculum KS3: Years 7 and 8 (Two week timetable)

Subject Year 7 - 1 hour lessons Year 8 - 1 hour lessons
English 7 7
Maths 7 7
Science 6 6
Modern Foreign Languages 6 6
Geography 4 4
History 4 4
Computing 1 1
Ethics and Philosophy 2 2
Art 2 2
Drama 2 2
Music 2 2
Dance 1 1
Physical Education 4 4
Financial Education 1  
Graphics 1  
Food Technology   1
Engineering   1
Reflection Time 200 minutes 200 minutes

Curriculum KS4: Years 9, 10 and 11 (Two week timetable)

Subject Year 9 - 1 hour lessons Year 10 - 1 hour lessons Year 11 - 1 hour lessons
English 8 8 8
Mathematics 7 8 8
Science 8 7 8
Physical Education (Core) 3 3 3
Ethics and Philosophy Choice Choice 3
History or Geography (Choice) 6 6 5
Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) 6 6 choice
Option subjects

3 x 6 periods

3 x 6 periods 3 x 5 periods, or 3 subjects if no MFL
Reflection Time 200 minutes 200 minutes 200 minutes

Core curriculum subjects for KS4 and exam boards

English Language AQA
English Literature AQA
Mathematics Edexcel
Science (Single subjects) AQA
Science (Trilogy) AQA
Geography Eduqas
History Eduqas
Ethics and Philosophy Eduqas
Modern Foreign Languages AQA

Current option subjects for KS4 and exam boards

Art and Design AQA
Business OCR
Computer Science OCR
Dance AQA
Drama AQA
Engineering Technology NCFE
Food Preparation and Nutrition AQA
Hair and Beauty Therapy VTCT
Health and Fitness NCFE
Media Eduqas
Music OCR
Photography AQA
Psychology OCR

Examination Entry

It is the school’s policy to enter all students for public examinations in the courses they have been following.  In exceptional circumstances, such as a prolonged absence due to medical reasons, the school may withdraw a student’s entry for one or more examinations, following discussion with the student and parent.