Supporting our Students and Families

The Cowplain School works hard to support students and families facing hardship.

Teaching and support staff receive regular and researched based Teaching and Learning training aimed at delivering lessons that support the very best outcomes for all our students.  Each member of teaching staff will be aware of those students within their classes who are PP students and those who have additional needs.  Intervention is put in place where gaps emerge in the attainment of those students.

Breakfast Club

Each morning a Breakfast Club runs to offer students a hot or cold breakfast of toast or cereal and a drink, before they start their school day.  We believe that students learn more effectively when they have a good breakfast each morning before school.  There is the added positive impact of sharing food in the morning with other students and having a member of the Learning Support Team to share any worries or concerns with prior to attending lessons.

Home Learning Support Club

There is a Home Learning Support Club twice a week in Learning Support which students can attend to complete their Home Learning and have the help of an LSA if needed.

Christmas Food Appeal

Each December, a Cowplain School Christmas Food Appeal is run and food hampers are produced that can support our struggling families through some of the festive season.   Students, staff, governors and business partners all support the campaign through a non-school uniform day and by donating food and festive goods.

The Cowplain School Family Hub

The Cowplain School believes strongly in supporting our families to thrive in a way that will help your children through their education whilst at The Cowplain School and give them the confidence to succeed as they move through life.  With this in mind we have created a Family Hub on site. 

The aims of the Family Hub are to welcome any family who may need support with a wide range of difficulties.  In these challenging times, financial hardship, rising fuel bills and a lack of money to buy food can feel overwhelming at times.

The Family Hub will provide a member of staff to act as an Advocate for each family who we support.  The Advocate will meet with a family member and work alongside them to find some solutions to their difficulties.  This is done in our Family Hub, which is a private and comfortable setting where the advocate will be able to explain in more detail how they can help. 

Following an initial meeting, a weekly call will be made by the Advocate to the family to see how things are going.  If there are any schemes to help with food, fuel, finance or technology for your child, the Advocate will be able to advise on ways to access this support.  There may be other concerns you have regarding school for your children that the staff member may be able to help with.

If you are interested in supporting any of our initiatives or indeed benefitting from them yourself, please contact Mrs H Davies on or 023 9261 2020 ext 326.