RSHE (Relationships, Sex and Health Education) at The Cowplain School is co-ordinated by Miss Carter-Brown (Assistant Headteacher).

If you wish to make enquiries about RSHE at The Cowplain School please contact Miss Carter-Brown by email via

The RSHE programme is also used to deliver statutory information on Relationships, Sex and Health Education, as well as other elements of children's personal development, to promote an understanding of safeguarding, and to deliver certain aspects of Careers Education 

The rationale for the RSHE programme based on the statutory guidance can be found here:

Rationale and Overview

The RSHE Policy can be found here:

RSHE Policy

How is RSHE delivered?

Students in Years 7-11 receive a lesson of RSHE once a fortnight. The delivery of RSHE is further supplemented through Drop Down Days, the Reflection Time Programme and regular student assemblies.

The exact content of the RSHE programme is flexible in order to respond to circumstances and priorities of year groups and local and national issues. However the curriculum plans below give an indication of what will be covered by each year group in 2023-2024:

RSHE Curriculum Overview 2023-24

For any concerns you or your child may have about matters relating to relationships, please feel free to contact Matron, Mrs Serena Williams ( or your child’s Head of Year

2023-2024 Parental communication can be found here:

Y7 RSHE Letter

Y8 RSHE Letter

Y9 RSHE Letter

Y10 RSHE Letter

Y11 RSHE Letter

Y11 Drop Down Day Letter