Home Learning

Home Learning

Home Learning is an integral part of the school’s teaching and learning. It is part of the curriculum in all years and for all students.

We believe that Home Learning has value in teaching our students vital life skills such as independence, personal organisation, reliability and self-discipline. It teaches them to see the value of hard work and that hard work leads to success. It also supports the teaching and learning programme, reinforcing skills learnt in school and encouraging recall of key concepts and information. Home Learning is necessary for the delivery of the full curriculum and therefore raises standards and helps students meet or exceed their Target Grades.

In addition, Home Learning promotes the involvement of family members and other adults in children’s learning, and it encourages the use of the resources of the school and the community.

The Home Learning Policy supports the Teaching and Learning Policy. It is a positive enhancement to learning and should be seen as such by students, teachers and parents. In order to promote this:

  • All Home Learning tasks are set on Insight as well as Google Classroom so students can access them easily and parents can monitor the completion of the tasks and support their children effectively.  All Maths home learning tasks are set on Hegarty Maths and students are provided with separate log-in details for the Hegarty website. Teachers will also direct students to websites such as Seneca, Quizlet or Quizizz, which are designed to provide immediate feedback, encourage recall and reinforce knowledge acquired in class.
  • Home Learning is set regularly: every week in every subject at KS4; every week at KS3 in core subjects including MFL and fortnightly in foundation subjects.
  • Students are given a clear deadline for each Home Learning task.
  • The monitoring of students’ Home Learning is key, and it is a shared responsibility of teachers, tutors and leaders within school, and of parents at home. Regular use of Insight is therefore essential as it will inform parents of their child’s engagement with Home Learning.
  • Parents are informed of their child's Attitude to Home Learning (ATH) score for every subject on their child’s reports.
  • Students are rewarded with Praise points for each task completed to a good standard.

Parents are asked to:

  • Provide support for their child to complete Home Learning in terms of a quiet place to work, help with prioritising their time at home, encouragement and praise.
  • Check Insight/Google Classroom on a regular basis and support their children in ensuring that the tasks are handed in on time.
  • Contact individual subject teachers if they have concern about the Home Learning tasks set and/or their child's record of completion.

Websites and Links to support with Google Classroom and Google Drive

 A YouTube video on Google Drive and Classroom:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Iowi-gmbys

A Guide for Cowplain parents on Google Drive and Classroom made by Mrs Salsbury:    Cowplain Parents Guide to Google Drive and Classroom

A PowerPoint guide on Google Drive and Classroom:    Cowplain Parents Guide to Google Drive Classroom