GCSE Results 2023

Our ex-Year 11 students returned at the end of the holidays to collect their GCSE results. Once again, many Cowplain students have performed extremely well, something that is particularly impressive in the light of the amount of time they had lost in school due to the pandemic. Of course, grade boundaries returned to pre-pandemic 2019 levels, with no allowance made for the effects of the last few years. In summary, the school’s results mirrored those achieved in 2019, which is testament to those students who performed well despite having missed so much of the foundation years of their secondary school career.

Amongst the subject highlights were Drama, Biology and Chemistry, for which 100 % of those entered achieved at least a grade 4. In addition, 92% of those taking Physics achieved a grade 4, with 91% in Engineering and 79% in Health & Fitness. Maths results exceeded the national average, with 62% achieving a grade 4 or better, with the same percentage achieving at least one of English Language or Literature. 62% also achieved at least a grade 4 in Geography, with 67% of students achieving a grade 4 in Health and Beauty.

In Biology, 17% of students were graded 7-9, with 12% in Physics and Chemistry. 20% of Drama students achieved those top grades whilst 16% did so in Geography and 10% in Spanish.

Special mention should go to Rowan C, who achieved grade 9s in Maths, Biology, Computer Science, Physics, History, grade 8 in Chemistry and Statistics, grade 7 in Business and English Lang and grade 6 in Literature- a fantastic achievement!

Well done to the class of 2023 who achieved success despite the challenges of the last 3+ years.