Self-Isolation and Lockdown Information

1.   Self-Isolation (awaiting COVID-19 test result, positive COVID-19 test result or have been told to self-isolate by the school)

All lessons will be livestreamed as per students' individual timetable.  Please click here for further information regarding virtual lessons.  Additionally, topics can be studied by using BBC Bitesize online daily lessons or activities or using the Oak National Academy online lessons (

The student's tutor will make weekly contact, via email or phone.  The weekly contact might involve a brief catch up with parents first and then speaking to the student.

Topic Information for Self-Isolation Work

Year 7 – Spring 2021

Year 8 – Spring 2021

Year 9 - Spring 2021

Year 10 – Spring 2021

Year 11 – Spring 2021

 2.   Isolation of an entire year group or complete lockdown

All Year Groups will have five 50-minute live lessons a day as per their timetable with the exception of PE, E&P and PD for Year 10 and PE and Period 6 for Year 11.  Lessons will start at 8.30am and finish at 2.20pm. On Friday, students will also have a 20-minute Reflection time with their tutor at 10.30am.

All work, including resources, is set on Google Classroom NOT on Insight. Students have been invited to join Google classrooms for each subject as part of home learning. One way to access Google Classroom is for the student to log onto their Cowplain Cloud email account and then click on the waffle (an icon consisting of 3x3 small dots in the top right hand side corner) and choose Google Classroom.

A register will be taken in every lesson and attendance centrally monitored. If you child fails to attend a lesson, their teacher will contact you in the first instance.  If your child misses a number a lessons, their Pastoral Leader will get in touch with you and offer support with remote learning. Tutors will be catching up with their tutees every Friday in their Reflection Time session. If your son/daughter does not attend the tutor session, tutors will phone you to touch base.

The daily timetable for every Year Group is:

Period 1 8.30am to 9.20am
Period 2 9.30am to 10.20am
Reflection Time (Friday ONLY) 10.30am to 10.50am
Period 3 11.10am to 12noon
Period 4 12.10pm to 1pm
Period 5 1.30pm to 2.20pm

Websites and Links to support with google classroom and drive

 A YouTube video on Google Drive and Classroom:

A Guide for Cowplain parents on Google Drive and Classroom made by Mrs Connell and Mrs Salsbury:    Cowplain Parents Guide to Google Drive and Classroom

A PowerPoint guide on Google Drive and Classroom:    Cowplain Parents Guide to Google Drive Classroom