PiXL Edge

Success far beyond academic achievement
We are delighted to announce the launch of PiXL Edge, a national scheme devised with a number of large employers. The current Year 7 students will participate in this exciting new venture and be given The Edge.

PiXL Edge is a framework to develop and accredit students with personal attributes essential for employability and life, see the video link below.

Students need to complete a series of activities within the programme for each of the key attributes, and can qualify at three levels: Apprentice (Key Stage 3), Graduate (Key Stage 4) and Master (Key Stage 5). Our Year 7 students are starting at PiXL Edge Apprentice level; each student needs to complete two activities in each of the five categories.

The examples below outline the types of activities which can be credited as part of the Apprentice Level:

Leadership (2 credits required)

  • Lead a coaching session in PE 
  • Lead a paired-reading activity during tutor time
  • Captain a tutor or house team as part of a competition at school
  • Lead a small-scale class discussion or debate on the current topic in a lesson
  • Obtain a position to represent my tutor/form group
  • Plan to redecorate your bedroom
  • Teaching an element of a maths lesson

Organisation (2 credits required)

  • Assist your form tutor with gathering contestants on a sports day 
  • Compile the register monitor rota 
  • Write a series of articles for a school magazine 
  • Create a live website using the skills you have picked up in ICT over the year 
  • Organise an activity at a uniformed organisation (scouts, guides etc) 
  • Organise a competition for your class to carry out 

Initiative (2 credits required)

  • Audition for a lead role in a school production 
  • Create a series of promotional material such as posters/leaflets/video clips to support initiatives such as the Edge
  • Create a board game  
  • Enter your dog in a local dog show 
  • Formulate a solution to the problem of litter  management at school 
  • Launch an after school staff hair and beauty styling session as a one-off event 

Resilience (2 credits required)

  • Complete a sponsored walk 
  • Achieve a spot on a sports team for an academic term 
  • Complete a basic First Aid Course 
  • Complete a responsible Pet Ownership Programme 
  • 1,000+ jigsaw puzzle 
  • Persevere and attend every meeting of a chosen club or team across a term 

Communication (2 credits required)

  • Act as a tour guide for visitors to the school 
  • Deliver a series of MFL games to a group of Primary School children 
  • Deliver a presentation about an area of personal interest 
  • Film a Science experiment that you have completed 
  • Perform an acting role in a school production 
  • Produce a leaflet helping new Year 7 students with their first few weeks at school 
  • Write to a Year 11 student and wish them good luck in their exams.

Every activity must be evidenced and signed off by a member of staff. To be accredited with an Apprentice level award, students must gain 10 credits in total (2 credits from each category).

At The Cowplain School, we are very keen to use this scheme to recognise things students do that are not linked to exam success, and give credit for the sorts of things that really good citizens do, and which help them grow.