Weather conditions

Latest news and updates to The Cowplain School opening hours due to the current weather conditions

19 March:

The Cowplain School is open as usual this morning.

18 March:

We are expecting the school to be open as usual on Monday 19 March.
The weather conditions will be assessed early in the morning and our social media and website will be updated with any news.


4 March:

The school will reopen at 8.15am on Monday 5 March, with lessons starting at 8.30am as usual.

2 March:

As previously advised, the school is closed today. We plan to open as usual on Monday 5 March.

Updates will be posted here and on our social media pages facebook and twitter.

1 March 2018 - update:

As a result of the adverse weather conditions forecast for today and tomorrow, the school will be closed to students and staff on Friday 2 March.  The decision has been made with the advice received from the Meteorological Office and Hampshire County Council, along with a risk assessment of the situation.  This decision is made in the best interests of the welfare and safety of staff and students. Students can access work remotely and we would suggest they look especially at Hegarty Maths. Year 11 students should continue to revise for their mock exams.

At the present time, based on the forecast for Monday 5 March, we plan to be fully open on Monday. Updates will be posted here and on our social media pages facebook and twitter.

1 March 2018:

Due to the current weather conditions, The Cowplain School will be closing at 1.10pm on Thursday 1 March.

Students unable to get home at that time can wait in school until 2.30pm.

The Hambledon/Denmead bus (652 service) will arrive at school at 1.20pm to take students home. We will update regarding other bus routes as soon as possible.

A decision about Friday 2 March will be made later this morning and parents will be advised.

Updates will be posted here and on our social media pages - facebook and twitter.

Our severe weather procedure is as follows:

Our aim and duty is to ensure that the school is open for students as normal. We will therefore only close the school if:

The school site is unsafe for students and staff, ie due to snow or ice.
It is dangerous or impractical for staff and students to travel to school.
If a closure is necessary:

We will always try to update the school website with any potential weather related arrangements. We will attempt to send a text if we face any problems with the website and try to contact parents via email.

If severe weather conditions are imminent, we may announce on the website a delay to the school start time for the following morning. This allows time to make appropriate decisions as to whether the school is safe to open. We may also agree an earlier finish time to ensure children and staff can get home safely.

If weather conditions are severe on a given day we may need to close the school; we would aim to put a notification on the website and social media by 7.30am. If this happens, we will try to provide information about the following day by 4.00pm via the website and we will subsequently update the website each morning by 7.30am.

Closing the school is always a last resort but may sometimes be necessary to ensure the safety of students, parents and staff.