Severe weather conditions

We are not expecting severe weather in Cowplain however please read our severe weather procedure.

We are not expecting severe weather in Cowplain however we would like to remind parents of our severe weather procedure. Our aim and duty is to ensure that the school is open for students as normal.  We will therefore only close the school if:

  • The school site is unsafe for students and staff, ie due to snow or ice.
  • It is dangerous or impractical for staff and students to travel to school.

If a closure is necessary:

We will always try to update the school website with any potential weather related arrangements. We will attempt to send a text if we face any problems with the website and try to contact parents via email.

  • If severe weather conditions are imminent, we may announce on the website a delay to the school start time for the following morning. This allows time to make appropriate decisions as to whether the school is safe to open.
  • If weather conditions are severe on a given day we may need to close the school; we would aim to put a notification on the website and social media by 7.30am. If this happens, we will try to provide information about the following day by 4.00pm via the website and we will subsequently update the website each morning by 7.30am.

Closing the school is always a last resort but may sometimes be necessary to ensure the safety of students, parents and staff.

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