Certificate Evening 2016

In November we hosted Presentation Evening and welcomed back Head of Year 11 Mr Fardy and the Class of 2016 to receive their GCSE certificates.

Many congratulations to all our students and nominees, especially those presented with Departmental and Special Awards.

Special Awards:

Outstanding Academic Progress: Wil Durman and Maddie Barrick

Outstanding Exam Results: Jess Conlon, Joe Furby and Stephen Smith

Special South Downs College Award: Anna Farndell (English) and Stephen Smith (Maths)

The Bromback Award for Music: Matthew King and Stephen Smith

Special Award for Drama: Ciara Ayre

Special Award for Attendance (99-100% over five years): Holly Quantrill, Morgan Bloy, Matthew King and Beth Arnold

Special Award for PE: Beth Arnold


Departmental Awards: 

English: Rebecca Hurt and Georgina Deane

English Literature: Aimee O'Connell and Charlotte Turner

Maths: Shanan Robson and Jordan Prince

Science: Will Durman and Stephen Smith

French: Beth Arnold and Jess Conlon

Spanish: Maddie Barrick and Charlotte Bayliss 

PE: Katie Sibley and Sarah Gerrish

History: Rebecca Hurt and Maddie Barrick

Media: Emily Collins and Olivia Porter

Law: Olivia Toone and Georgina Deane

Geography: Will Durman and Joe Furby

E&P: Jordan Beacher and Ciara Ayre

Child Development: Ellise Rogers and Holly Harbour

Psychology: Charlotte Turner and Ellen Tudor

Business: Thomas Price and Jess Conlon

IT: Wil Durman and Ryan O'Leary

Computing: Matthew Nobes and Kieran Daniel

Art: Ellie Bird and William Lonsdale

Photography: Angela Forbes and Beth Vincent

Music: Ciara Ayre and Luke Holmes

Music Tech: Jordan Francis and Stephen Smith

Drama: Thomas Jefferson and Peter Buckland

Dance: Amanda Sweetzer and Darla Brown

Performing Arts: Peter Buckland and Aimee O'Connell

Food Tech: Sarah Gerrish and Charlotte Hall 

Graphics: Elisabeth Coleman and Marc Towell

Resistant Materials: Angela Forbes and Reece Amey

Engineering: Kieran Daniel and Matthew Nobes