Bethany Tiller

Everyone at The Cowplain School is deeply saddened to hear that our student, friend and colleague Beth Tiller passed away on Thursday 26 April 2018.

Beth was a fantastic member of the Cowplain community; she worked hard and was popular with students and teachers alike. Beth was happy to be involved in different aspects of school life; she was a keen dancer, for example, and volunteered to appear in our latest prospectus to promote the school. We also remember Beth's bravery; throughout her illness she attended school whenever she could, catching up on work missed in hospital or at home. Just before Christmas she had a fantastic evening with her tutor group who enjoyed a meal out at a local restaurant. We will all greatly miss Beth's positive outlook and smile and would like to send our deepest sympathy and support to her family and many friends at what is an incredibly difficult time for them.