A busy start to the new academic year

It has been a hectic but enjoyable start to the year! In late August we shared the success of our ex-Year 11 students, who collectively ensured that the school again celebrated record GCSE results; no mean feat in a year when students undertook probably the hardest exams ever sat by 16 year old children in Maths and English. We are looking forward to seeing them again in November for our Certificate Evening.

A week or so later we then welcomed all 204 Year 7 students to the school. Year 7 is our biggest year group and I think the numbers represent the trust parents and children now have in the school to provide a great environment for the five years of secondary school. Nearly all of Year 7 promptly left for camp, returning a couple of days later tired but having met many new friends.

As one year joins the school I am very pleased to say I am very proud of our current Year 11 who have hit the ground running in their final year! Each of them has an individualised ‘Period 6’ timetable, which means they have selected extra lessons to go to at 2.30pm each day. I am pleased to say that nearly all of them have embraced this opportunity and are working hard in preparation for their GCSE exams in the summer. This week has been a good test for them as they undertake practice exams in Maths, English and Science.

Finally, we held our annual Open Evening a couple of weeks ago. It is fair to say it was very well attended and I enjoyed meeting lots of prospective new parents. In addition, I showed many round during our Open Week last week.

I think the notes above sum up the life of a school; we welcome new children to the school looking forward to the next five years, whilst working with those who are soon to leave us and, as we prepare one group for secondary school, we prepare another for the next stage of their lives. It is what makes a school the fascinating, exciting and rewarding place that it is.